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All About Bree Holcombe


Ever since I was a little girl I was seduced by my imagination. I wrote stories, lots of stories; got my best friends to act them out with me and then we would film it, record it or type it up:  sketch comedy, fantasy stories, homemade songs, dances and commercials; you name it.  As I got older, I learned I have a rich legacy of storytellers in my family.  My great grandmother was hired each winter at Loveman's Department store in downtown Birmingham, AL to read the latest children's book. My grandmother was always in the newspaper because of her talent as a pianist. Following in their footsteps, I was always very attracted to the art of storytelling and the piano.  My own school poems were set to music and my mother says I started dancing while in the womb. She tells me I was so active, she thought I'd be an athlete.  And although I am no competitive athlete, I am a huge advocate for health and wellness, beauty, design and practice regular fitness.

I am passionate about many things including life and have a love of adventure and a new found affinity for the healing qualities of herbs.  I am passionate about acting and performance (including dance), theatre, film and film production. I am passionate about filmmaking and the power of its messages. I am passionate about community.  I am passionate about the responsibility actors have in influencing our youth and creating positive change.  I am passionate about women sharing experiences and grounding in their sexual power in order to nurture each other, heal and grow.  I believe that happiness and success begins with discovering inner truth.  It can be both terrifying and traumatic going down that rabbit hole, but a necessary means to discovering self and connecting to a higher spiritual path and sacred service.

About Me: Bio


Bree Holcombe was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  During her school age years, her teachers would send notes home in her report cards commenting on her well coordinated outfits. She was asked to model at a fashion show for a high end children's clothing store in the 3rd grade.   At age 3, she took her first ballet class, eventually adding in jazz, tap, hip-hop, techno, salsa, tango, swing, ballroom and African dance styles to her repertoire.

At age 14, she was invited to attend the Alabama School of Fine Arts for Math/Science.  That's right folks, this gal is smart AND talented.  Bree excelled so well that freshman year, that upon her return to high school in Virginia Beach, she was able to graduate her junior year and attend the University of Northern Colorado for Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Acting.  After the first semester of her Junior year, she got a unique opportunity to join her godfather:  writer, director and filmmaker, John Milton Branton, and his family in Vancouver, BC to study filmmaking and attend acting classes at the William Davis Center for Actor's Study.  It was there that she began to break her barriers and fears and learned to "get out of her own way" in order to sit in her power and strength as a young actress.

In 2001, at the age of 20, she moved to Los Angeles, CA to realize her dream as a successful, working actress in Hollywood.  It was an overwhelming experience but there were some wins; namely as a feature in a B-rated thriller and working stage crew for the 2002 MTV Movie Awards.  In April of 2002, a terrible life-changing event occurred back home, and by August 2002, it was decided it was best to return to Virginia Beach to be with her family.  Battling a traumatic and unstable situation along with issues of failure having left Hollywood, Bree began to rebuild herself while learning the Suzuki Method of Acting during her attendance at Old Dominion University in a transgender production of George Bernard Shaw's play, Saint Joan, as Warwick, a role normally played by a male actor, and directed by Leon Ingulsrud of SITI Company.

In 2005, Bree left again for Colorado; this time to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder to finish her degree in Theatre Performance.  She also worked as a Marketing Director for Wild Oats/Whole Foods Market, Inc. planning community events and as a spokesperson for the 2006 Boulder Community Hospital Day of Dance. Upon graduation in 2009, Bree directed, produced and starred in Darlene Craviotto's stage play, Pizza Man, at the 2009 Boulder Fringe Festival which opened to rave reviews.  Shortly after, Bree moved to Denver and began working for the Glendale Sports Center and YMCA of Metro Denver as the Program & Teen Coordinator.  Here she worked extensively with the Executive Director to run all the Art/Music/Dance Programs, coordinate the YMCA community events, supervise the Afterschool and Summer Teen Program and teach Dance Jam dance classes to kids and teens.

Take 2!

In the summer of 2013, Bree participated in a Showcase through her agency W-Talent Wilhelmina Denver.  The experience was eye-opening, and she realized that in order to manifest her dreams, she needed to move back to Los Angeles and fully dive, head first, into the world of commercials, television, and film.  Although she felt incredibly blessed in what her Denver life had brought her, there was something missing...and the biggest risk, she realized, was not taking one at all. In January of 2014, Bree Holcombe founded Power of 3 Productions and moved to Los Angeles.

Full Circle

Family First. Be Present. Knowledge is Power.  Simple words that inspire creation, awareness and growth.  This kind of lifestyle can be difficult to live by when you are caught up in a whirlwind and the constant "go-go-go" mentality; a wonderful breeding ground for chaos and the dispiriting heath crisis.  In order to re-ground, heal, reacquaint, re-capture and re-inspire, Bree moved to Chesapeake, VA in May of 2016.  Here she practices the act of giving, the power of NOW and the Medical Medium lifestyle.  With a jump start back in the #theaterlife, rich with creative expression and improvisation, Bree Holcombe has found new grounds for Po3 and her career path as both an actor & producer in order to continue a divine purpose and to join and share in community support and success.

About Me: Bio
About Me: Bio

Booking Contacts

For bookings, please contact:

Hutson Talent Agency at  (757) 439-7779


W-Talent/Wilhelmina Denver at (720) 399-1519

About Me: Bio
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